IT INfrastructurE


Triple-B provides consultancy services on a secondment, interim or project basis.


Some examples where our consultants can be of service to you:


  • You are looking for a single point of contact for your IT infrastructure for 1 or a few days a week, but you do not have a full-time job (or budget) for this. We have a lot of experience as an interim. It is because we are not on the payroll that we can address people on the basis of our knowledge, not from an (obstructing) employment relationship
  • Do you have questions about your local information provision and do you want to make the switch to cloud solutions or is that not wise for your brache? We can advise you on this.
  • Are you compliant when it comes to software licenses, perhaps you have purchased too many licenses or more efficient license management can be implemented. There are plenty of alternatives, including often open source software.
  • IT Infrastructure implementation projects from technology to organization.
  • Our column structure ensures that information provision can be integrated and implemented and maintained in a project-based manner.
  • System integration / System architecture. Thanks to our infrastructure base, we can help you develop and implement new security systems such as SIEM, central logging, certificates, web application firewalls and e-mail security products.