Privacy Officer- AVG Consultancy

The privacy law stipulates that in a number of cases a Privacy Officer, also referred to as a Data Protection Officer (DPO), is mandatory:

  • Government organization;
  • Processes that, due to their nature, size and / or purposes, require regular and systematic large-scale observation of data subjects;
  • is mainly responsible for large-scale processing of special categories of data pursuant to Article 9 and of personal data with regard to criminal convictions and offenses as referred to in Article 10.

In addition to obligation, it is often advisable to have a Privacy Officer

De Privacy Officer volgens de artikelen 37,38,39 van de Avg

The Privacy Officer in accordance with articles 37.38.39 of the AVG

  • This officer ì(also called Data Protection Officer or Functionaris Gegevensbescherming) does not have to be employed. He/she may be hired.
  • The Officer must be an expert in data protection law and practice and must have the capacity to perform the duties referred to in Article 39
  • To be independent. Not receive instructions for the execution of his duties and resources.
  • Accountability to senior manager
  • Contact person with supervisor: the Dutch Data Protection Authority (AP) or other supervisor of member state of the EU.
  • Gateway for the person (s) involved
  • Point out obligations
  • Supervise obligations

Triple-B Consultancy has certified staff in the field of privacy (CIPP / E) and can support you (AVG Consultancy) in this often complex matter.
CIPP / E is an IAPP (International Association of Privacy Professionals) quality mark.