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Core activities privacy

Core activities privacy

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Privacy Light

Do you need advice for associations, small or medium sized SMEs Privacy Light is especially designed for such organizations that must comply with privacy legislation.

Privacy Pro Module

Privacy Pro

Privacy Pro is intended for companies and organizations that, due to the nature of their personal data processing processes, have a major risk of failure to comply with legislation.

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Data Protection Officer Interim Data Protection Officer

Do you need a Privacy Officer The privacy law prescribes that in a number of cases a Privacy Officer (a Data Protection Officer) is mandatory within an organization.

Privacy modules

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Governance and Privacy Policy

Governance refers to the act or method of management, the code of conduct, and the supervision of organizations. In other words, the vision, strategy and safeguarding of personal data protection within the organization.

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Register data processing

A register for personal data including the location of the storage, the classes of personal data collected, the purpose of the collection and the method of processing the personal data.

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Information security risks

Maintain an information security program based on legal requirements and risk assessments. In this case the area of information security is subject of these activities. The difference between the two areas is the substantive focus on personal data.

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Processing agreements

If third parties process personal data, it is in many cases an obligation to draw up contracts (processing agreements) between the client and the contractor.

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Privacy statement

A statement from the organization to employees, customers and suppliers on how the organization complies with legislation.

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Integration in operation

Integrating the privacy policy into daily business operations. Maintain an operational policy with associated procedures in accordance with the policy on the protection of personal data and operational management objectives..

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Training and awareness

The organization must demonstrably follow workshops and or sessions to raise awareness of personal data protection in general and to promote compliance with the policy for protecting personal data internally and for limiting operational risks.

Risk management (PIA)

Monitor organizational practices to identify new processes or material changes to existing processes and to guarantee the implementation of design principles regarding the protection of personal data.

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Data breach

In the event of a data breach, the AVG requires the presence of a protocol for handling the incident.

Privacy Pro Module

Privacy for Associations

Do you meet the legal requirements within your association Privacy for Associations is designed for associations that must comply with privacy legislation.

Privacy Audit

Privacy Audit

At the annual MOT(APK) inspection your car will be checked on the basis of checklists. If defects are found, they will be repaired, and your car will be approved. To guarantee that the personal data protection of your company is in order, Triple-B Consultancy passes through a 159 checkpoints (standards) during an audit.

Free checklist

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Free privacy checklist

Advice and drafting together with the organizations of the procedures. of effective procedures for communicating with data subjects about the processing of their personal data.