Privacy package for Associations

Privacy for Associations:
Do you, as an association, need support to comply with privacy legislation?

Privacy Pro Module

Privacy “Associations” is designed for associations that must comply with privacy legislation because:
ï they process personal data in the role of controller and / or
ï the personal data being processed is of such a nature that the impact on persons in the event of data breaches is small.

Triple-B Consultancy relieves the association so that it can comply with the legislation.
Triple-B Consultancy relieves the organization so that it can comply with the legislation. This is done by customization, based on templates designed by Triple-B Consultanc. Beside this attention will bgrantes to the stock market (budget) of its customers.
The products to be delivered include templates based on:

  • Register and breakdown business processes that process personal data
  • Privacy risk analysis
  • Privacy policy with, including mission and rules of conduct
  • Processing agreements with third parties (contracts)
  • Procedure template including e.g. complaints and questions about privacy by the person (s) involved
  • Privacy statement (pdf and html files to add to their website)
  • Pen test for technical status IT infrastructure (Penetration test)
  • Data breach protocol.
  • Final report